Benefits of Having an Application Engineer on Our Team

At Power Electric, we maintain a staff of engineers with decades of experience in electric motor applications. As such, we help you design the motor or gear motor that best meets your technical and quality requirements in the most cost effective manner possible.

Our engineers help define these requirements in a manner that best meet your needs. Because our engineers work with a number of factories, each with its own capabilities and specialties, we can match your needs with the factory best suited to meet them.

Once a factory is chosen our engineers will act as a liaison to ensure quality samples are built. Because we have engineers at our facility in the US and near our vetted factory partners, we are uniquely positioned to ensure your project moves to completion in a timely, efficient manner. We can quickly turn requirements into samples that will be right for your application.

As your project moves into the production phase, our engineers can be onsite for production start up to ensure there are proper process quality documents in place and the factory is building and testing according to the documentation. In this way, we create a robust process that will be repeatable for future builds.

All in all, our engineering staff is here to serve you. Our goal is help you get to market smoothly and quickly. We take pride in helping you design the best valued solution for your product.

  • Applications engineering during initial design phase
    • Reviews requirements with sales and with customer
    • Determines which suppliers can best meet requirements
    • Passes requirements to suppliers in terms familiar to them
    • Reviews proposals from suppliers to make sure the requirements were understood and proposals meet or exceed requirements
  • Samples
    • Review data from factory on sample performance
    • Quality check of samples once they arrive to make sure they meet requirements
  • Customer test results
    • Review results and make recommendations to customer and factory, where needed
    • Review prints
  • Engineers at factory
    • PE has engineers who regularly visit factories
    • Present for first article builds
    • Regular quality audits
    • Can be onsite immediately if there is a problem
    • Can communicate directly with people in the factories
  • Why important
    • Can speed time to market by finding the best motor at the best value for your application
    • “Get it right” avoid multiple iterations in design process
    • Deep knowledge