We’ll make you look good : Automatic Door Gear Motors


        And here’s how:


Our global quality teams' reputation for quality control ensures deliveries meet customer’s needs.

We have feet-on-the-street in countries of origin to maximize the success of your gear motor application. We’ll share with you the appropriate quality standard certifications to show your customers you mean business.


The gear motor in your swing door operator is customized based on your exact application requirements.

No out-of-the-box gear motor for you. Show your end-user how the motor in their swing door is quality they can rely on.


Robustness Built In equals peace of mind.

Depend on our custom motors to work when you need them to. We jointly develop the gear motor to operate efficiently and quietly in demanding environmental conditions.

For Power Electric, you come first. That mindset works to make you look good when you go out there and sell your automatic doors. Ready to talk through this?