Reverse Engineering

Work with our engineering, quality and logistics teams in reverse engineering projects. Reverse engineering is the process of evaluating an item to gain information and application design insight.


This process includes:

  • Evaluate the application
  • Analyze the gear motor or gearbox in depth
  • Identify critical features and requirements
  • Address concerns and make improvements so customer gets a product suited for their application cost-effectively.


We’ll work with your engineering, project management teams and manufacturing teams to discover:

  • Problems with inefficiencies
  • Ways to increase torque or power
  • Noise reduction challenges
  • Improve product quality
  • Cost-savings opportunities

Areas we can help

Value Engineering

Value engineering methods examine the function of an item, in this case your gearbox or gear motor, to determine possible increase in quality or decrease in cost. Because of our relationships with many manufacturers, we are able to locate cost-savings opportunities on your gearing needs which can ultimately lead to a substantial cost savings over a domestic manufacturer.

Call us now to discuss how our team can assist with your application and develop a gear to match your exact requirements.