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Power Electric is your source for gears, custom shafts and gear motor assembly. Our gear product lines include spiral bevel, spur, worm, helical and hypoid.



We only work with the best manufacturers.

We only work with manufacturers who meet industry quality standards and will provide certification when requested.


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Typical cost savings versus domestic manufacturers can exceed 20%.


We've been around 30 years and know the gear industry well.

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About Us

We work with many different manufacturers and have developed strong relationships with these suppliers in the 30 years we’ve been around. We have in-house quality management and a team in China to ensure the products we sell meet all required standards.

We’re experts in the shipping, delivery, customs including duty, with a dedicated team who manages all aspects of getting gears to you.

Areas we can help

Helical Gears

helical gear

Hypoid Gears

Hypoid Gear

Spiral Bevel Gears

spiral bevel gear

Spur Gears

spur gear

Worm Gears

worm gear

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