Get a Custom Motor Designed for your Product

At Power Electric, your project’s requirements always come first. Our motor and gear motor solutions are jointly developed to meet your application’s specific requirements, reducing your overall cost and improving the quality of your motor applications.

Whether it’s a starter motor for off-road equipment or a step motor for an infusion pump, you can depend on our custom motors to work when you need them to. Discover a cost-effective approach to customizing motors and get exactly what you need with Power Electric’s capabilities.

Engineers at Power Electric work with your team to develop a custom motor or custom gear motor for your exact application. We don’t work to fit you into an off-the-shelf product, we’ll work together to create a motor to match your exact application requirements.

Power Electric custom electric motor manufacturing capabilities include many variables in both AC motors and DC motors and gear motor applications. Work with our electric motor and gear motor specialists and learn more about our development process of custom electric motors and gear motors.