Case Study: Cost Savings Through a Higher Quality Motor

It’s a hot summer day. You are waiting in line for your favorite ice cold beverage. After waiting and becoming more dehydrated by the minute, the worker behind the counter regretfully tells you their machines are not working properly and they will not be able to serve you your cold drink.

This instance could happen to any beverage dispenser machine, due to a poorly manufactured and designed motor.

The Challenge
  • A commercial beverage dispenser manufacturer was faced with an increasing amount of service calls for their product due to motor failure.
  • With their single largest issue being service calls, a considerable amount of money and time was spent by the company.
The Solution

Power Electric analyzed our customer’s current motor and worked with them to customize one with the required specifications. This new AC gear motor was of higher quality, resulting in far less service calls on the machines. Replacing motors with Power Electric-supplied motors brought cost savings of $500,000 annually.

At Power Electric we understand the unique and demanding operating requirements of the food and beverage industry. We specialize in customizing a wide range of motors for a wide range of applications. We work with food and beverage equipment manufacturers nationwide, allowing all of our customers to have confidence in us and in our motors.

Instead of wasting your money and time on low quality motors, numerous service calls, and recall expenses, depend on Power Electric to create a motor that will meet all your machine’s specifications while running efficiently and effectively.

Connect with our in-house engineering experts for custom electric motors or find support choosing the right product for your commercial food and beverage applications by calling 763-383-6936.