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Are Electric Motors Waterproof?

The vast majority of electric motors are not waterproof, largely because it is not necessary for the application in which they are used. It is possible to create a waterproof electric motor.  However, waterproofing comes with added costs while also limiting overall performance. These costs are often only worthwhile for specific applications, such as pumps …

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Are Electric Motors Reliable

Are Electric Motors Reliable?

Electric motors are mechanically simple devices with a relatively small number of moving parts. This, combined with their low vibration output, makes electric motors very reliable power supplies if used properly and within their specified ratings limits. In applications where either electric or combustion motors are viable options, the electric motor is often the more …

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Why are DC motors usually gear motors?

Many battery-operated devices rely on DC motors for power. Because of their high shaft speeds—typically 1500-6000 RPM under load—DC motors are commonly paired with a gearbox. Without the gearbox, the shaft speed of DC motors often exceeds the requirements of most applications. Since many applications require a controllable shaft speed output, many DC motors are …

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Motor Mouth: Hypoid Gear Motors: Form, Fit, Function

Hypoid gearing is a specialized version of spiral bevel gearing. Like spiral bevel gears, they operate at right angles. Unlike spiral bevel gears, the pinion’s rotating axis is off center from the gear’s rotating axis. This allows the pinion to be larger, providing high strength and allowing for higher reduction ratios in each stage. AC …

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Motor Mouth: Plastic Planetary Gear Motors

Plastic planetary gear motors can provide a wide range of gear reduction ratios in a compact package combining high strength, low noise and great value. These features make this gear motor a good choice in various applications, as detailed below. Plastic planetary gearheads have one or more stages of gear reduction all in line with …

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One-Stop Shop: Assembly and More

The OEM is an automatic door opener manufacturer. Automatic doors add customer convenience, security and improved traffic flow to commercial and industrial applications. The Challenge Motor purchased from one manufacturer, gear box manufactured by another When motor and gear box were assembled, the resulting quality issues had fingers pointing in all directions Quality issues Seems …

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Manufacturing Space Issue Solved by Motor Company

We all know manufacturing space is an important piece of business. When space runs out alternatives have to be made to reorganize and prioritize, including potential added space at immense cost. Our customer manufactures automatic doors and we have supplied motors to this customer for some time. Their manufacturing space was filling fast and their …

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