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Motor Mouth: Hypoid Gear Motors: Form, Fit, Function

Hypoid gearing is a specialized version of spiral bevel gearing. Like spiral bevel gears, they operate at right angles. Unlike spiral bevel gears, the pinion’s rotating axis is off center from the gear’s rotating axis. This allows the pinion to be larger, providing high strength and allowing for higher reduction ratios in each stage.

AC hypoid gear motors combine an efficient AC induction motor with an efficient hypoid reduction gearhead. Like a worm gear motor, a hypoid gear motor’s output shaft is at a right angle to the electric motor’s shaft. Unlike worm gear motors, hypoid gear motors operate at high efficiency. This is due to the much lower sliding friction between the gears.

Like worm gearheads, they are available in a wide range of reduction ratios. However, the higher operating efficiency results in less wasted heat. This leads to low noise and longer life. It also allows for use of a smaller motor, making the overall package size smaller and lighter.

The hypoid gear motor uses lower power consumption than worm gear motors. The compact body has a longer life offering better quality. It has a quieter operation making this type of gear motor suitable for food & beverage equipment and automatic doors where noise is a factor.

Power Electric offers a new range of customized hypoid gear motors designed for distinct heavy load-bearing capabilities and providing extremely efficient operation. Read more on this gear motor here.

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